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[November, 2007]

Huge artworks on the wall. 8e88 Graphic has "Jam" and exhibited with 62 Thai's Designers in
"Exjample Exhibition" venue FAT Festival 2007 at Challenger Hall-IMPACT Arena, Bangkok.

Special Thanks: Duct Unit, Click Radio, Thailand Ministry of Culture,
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BMA Contemporary Art Museum)

See gallery and more photo at:

[October, 2007]

8e88 Graphic return to NWP Magazine!
We've interview and showcase again in NWP E-zine issue: 12 (China , Hongkong).
There're 2nd time on NPW e-zine for us. In year 2004, Preecha Israphiwat has single solo on NWP issue1
"Asian Strom" section. And This's turn be proud for us., We've featured on full version cover&Theme also.

[PS: Another Thai's designers on NPW issue:12 included: Chalermphol Harnchakkham, Udom Ruangpisitporn]

Please download at: Newwebpick.com

[October, 2007]

Preecha Israphiwat of 8e88 Graphic
has invited to "Twin Mix Postcards project" as a guest designer.

"Twin Mix Postcards" Thailand Mini Art project by Nokhookdesign.
12 designers will be selected to work with another 12 guest designers
The art works will be exhibit at Chiang Mai , Thailand. on January, 2008.
and published in 4x6 postcards (2,000 set) and part of proceedings will go to charities.

More information: http://www.nokhookdesign.com/twinmix/

[August, 2007]

8e88 Graphic on Gold Book cover!!
Cover Featuring by: 8e88 Graphic and FunkBuilders.

"Gold" is the final chapter of the Tiger Translate 2007 truly crossed the cultural boundaries..
It is named because Gold is particularly significant in Asian culture which it is define as wealth and power.

Gold inevitably carries connotations of wealth, power, greed and corruption. But by the same time token, it is also used as a metaphorical yardstick for purity, quality and authenticity. Artists are in conflict when they consider what gold means to them and how to portray it. And that is great news to readers, since variety is the spice of publications.

Featuring: Jon Burgerman / Ben Frost / Jeremyville / Yok / Liu Zheng / Zhang Xia / Eric Sze-Lang Chan / Huang Wei / Li Qiu Qiu / Marcie Liu / Nelson Chan / Rob Chiu / Sun Kang Huang / Funkbuilders / Jasond Quek / Parvathi Nayar / Reel Loco / William Chua / 8e88 Graphic (Preecha Israphiwat) / Chalermphol Harnchakkham / Hyperthesis Visual Lab / Law Chin Thye / Redbloc / Inksurge / Leang Seckon / Lokesh Karekar / Dvante Chang / Ryung Park

Price: 25 US$ (1,150 Bth.)

Go to idNproshop.com
Distributor on sales in Thailand :
Basheer books (Thonglor), playground! (Thonglor)
and MANGA by playground! (Central World Plaza)

VDO: Tiger Translate - GOLD at: 798 Space, Beijing, China

[July, 2007]

Si Juan from Teritorry Magazine invited us to join "Metallic Mayham" book.
The special book with concept Back-White and Metalic color (Gold/Silver/Bronze) will be launch on October-November 2007.
We were created 4 pieces with Thai-style concept., Cheer!

[June, 2007]

8e88 Graphic and Smock Clothing got hattrick!
We were join T-Shirst Festival 3 organsised by Fat Radio on 3rd June 2007,
a lot designers there! see you next year. ... Please see Gallery here.

CG+ (CG plus) Magazine first issue launch!! 8e88 Graphic were the cover artist, showcase work and interview inside.
CG+ Magazine produced in Thailand by Thai staff for all designers people.

Featured: Cover Artist & Interveiw - 8e88 Graphic (Preecha Israphiwat) // Lenarai - Graphic Series Figure // Comic by - Suttichart Sarapaiwanich (From creator "JOE the SEA-CRET AGENT") // How to do the pixel art // How to make E-magazine // How to make your blog // Art Student showcase // etc... Price: 100 BTH. (2.5 US dollars) [May 2007]

Tiger Translate 2007 by idN Magazine invited 8e88 Graphic for creat work in concept "Gold" ,
Tiger Translate Campaign that aims to showcase emerging 75 Asian artists modern interpretations of the theme
Translate Your Modern Asia. Exhibition will be in NY, Berlin, and Beijing.
..Thanks a lot Jennifer Chan from idN. [March 2007]

We've re-design and develop 8e88 Graphic logo.
The new logo has smooth curve better than the old logo., but the concept still use
the roman eighth symbol and the Thai eighth symbol mix together.

8e88 Graphic-Preecha Israphiwat work for JayLim Design E-zine Project.
We were re-edit old work and make a new one for them. [Febuary 2007]

Vacation again in Laos!, 8e88 Graphic and SMCLK crews take vacation on 3 cities in Loas PDR.
..Vientiane, Vangvieng and Luang-Phabang. very nice trip. [December 2006]

DesignGraf 2006 in Bangkok, 8e88 Graphic had nothing show-off for this event.
but we were help our friend Si juan (BigBros Workshop) and Bangkok2 for set-up and promoted DesignGraf event.
See photo here! [November 2006]

Preecha Israphiwat was set-up business company in the name "SMCLK"
under "Smartclick solutions co.,ltd." main services for interactive, webdesign
and online media. We've got good clients ... Ayudhaya Securities Pcl., Nissan, TWZ Pcl. etc...
..for graphic design still use in the name 8e88 Graphic. [January 2006]

Vacation on Hongkong, China and Malaysia
please see all photo at 4TO section. [June 2005]

8e88 Graphic-Preecha Israphiwat and Sutthisak Naksuwan were join
The Useagain-Asia Exhibiton Venue: "idN DesignEdge 2005"
10-12 November 2005, at Suntec, Singapore.
Produce by BigBros Workshop+Terittory Magazine and idN. [Febuary 2005]

"Sanrio Factory" with pixel style. Illustrate for Knock Knock magazine issue 2/2005
of daypoets publising. We've develop some source and inspire from Cyworld.com [January 2005]

We've got the project for Yellow Pages Thailand
Charector Design, Printed and Webdesign. [January 2005]

8e88 Graphic-Preecha Israphiwat were showcase work
on main section 'Asia Storm' NewWebpick Magazine (NWP) First issue
Thanks a lot David Zheng and NWP magazine. [September 2004]

8e88 Graphic-Preecha Israphiwat was creat storyboard, motion and art direction
on single "Wind" music video for Bua-Chompu Ford female Thai's singer.
GMM Grammy Pcl. record. [April 2004]

8e88 Graphic website (8e88.net) was interview on "Web design with Creative style" book.
Printed by DIGI ART infopress. [June 2003]

8e88 Graphic-Preecha Israphiwat were showcase studies
on "Be Graphic" book. Printed by ARiP publishing. [August 2002]