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[April, 2009]
Soul Ad. on JUICE Magazine (Singapore)

Tiger beer (Singapore) have decided to apply "Soul" artwork
onto a limited edition Tiger Beer bottle again. (I've thought this version only sales in Singapore.)
which will be available at the coolest bars, restaurants and clubs across Singapore.

Now, the artwork on the bottle play on the print-ad.
That was appear in JUICE magazine April/2009 (Singapore)

KhanKluay website [March, 2009]
Webdesign for KhanKluay II the movies

KhanKluay the movie., 3D animation based on Thai film., present by Kantana animation.
Synopsis: Khan Kluay, the greatest war elephant in history, plays an important role in regaining sovereignty for Siam.
Now, he must face with a grave situation that could mean the life and death of his family. The soldiers of Hongsawadi raid a village and take away many people and animals. Chaba Kaew, his beloved wife and his twin children whom he never sees before are amongst those taken to the land of the enemy.

The design project co work with Kantana
and Sawasdee Thaweesuk part of GTH film company, Thanks.

[January, 2009]
Hot 10 digital artists 2008 on CG+ issue18 (December 2008)

8e88 Graphic interview again on CG+ issue18 (December 2008).
section "Hot 10 digital artists 2008" include 10 Thai's designers as:
Chom Chumkasian, Rakkit Kuanhawate (b.o.r.e.d.), Pharuepon Mukdasanit (Mamafaka/b.o.r.e.d.)
Wanpracha Thitipaisal (W.SGR/b.o.r.e.d.), Tossaporn Klunkeaw (Spanky), Suchan Chaveewan (Bukbabor/Duct Unit),
Preecha Israphiwat (8e88 Graphic), Patipat Asavasena, Chayanin Onma (Chabadang), Supree Taveesub (it-ti-rit House CG)